The Questions

We will officially be taking submissions on May 11th at 8pm EST. However, we have the form questions listed below in case you're interested in working on them in advance.

  1. Name (First, Last)
  2. Age
    1. Please note that we only accept letters from those above the age of 20
  3. Current Occupation
    1. This could be your career, vocation, state-in-life, etc.
  4. City, state and country of residence
    1. We like to see where all of our writers are on the map!
  5. Instagram Link
    1. If you have one
  6. Website Link
    1. If you have one
  7. Email Address
    1. This will be our primary means of communication with you
  8. How did you hear about us?
  9. Why do you want to contribute a Letter to Women?
  10. In one sentence, what is your letter about?
  11. Type your letter transcript below.
    1. 1500 words maximum. Make sure to check the word count before you submit!