Embracing the Call to Law School: A Letter from Sarah

"Dear Sweet Sisters, it’s not every day that your optometrist gives you a piece of earth shattering advice. Per usual, he began his litany of questions about my life..."

Sawubona & Sikhona: A Letter from Jodi

"Dear Sisters, I’m writing this letter from Durban, South Africa. So to keep this real, I’ll stick with a suitable greeting – Sawubona!..."

Bravery in Being Soft: A Letter from Hannah

"To my sisters in the Vineyard - Let me start out this letter by saying the one thing want you to take away from my story: there is bravery in being soft..."

Seeking Simplicity: A Letter from Erin

"Hello Sweet Friends, my name is Erin and I want to share with you a short story about my life. When I graduated college in 2011 I began a retail job..."

Your Response: "To be a woman is to be..."

"Last week on our Instagram, we asked you to share with us your thoughts about what it means to be a woman..."

To Be a Woman: A Letter from Meredith

"Dear friend, I used to be scared of becoming a woman. Being a little girl wasn't a big deal--I could wear pants and tromp in the mud and have wild, crazy hair. But..." 

Finding Strength during my Teenage Pregnancy: A Letter from Stephanie

"Hi Ladies! 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,' Philippians 4:13. I have been reciting that verse since I was about 4 years old..."