Our Mission


When you hear the phrase "the Catholic woman" does a particular image come to mind? Maybe it's your mother. Maybe it's your grandmother. Maybe it's the woman you see every Sunday with those 5 adorable children.

Good or bad, right or wrong, many of us have a very vivid idea of who the Catholic woman is.


Our mission is to invite the young Catholic woman to cherish her unique identity as an individual, as a member of the sisterhood of Catholic women & as a member of the Church by illustrating the many faces & vocations of women in the Church. Our vision is to provide a diverse, empowering & truly human representation of womanhood in the Church so that all women feel welcome here.

Inspired by Pope St. John Paul II's Letter to Women, we want you to know that you are cherished by the Church and welcome to live out your one-of-a-kind vocation as a member of this body.

Thank you for visiting thecatholicwoman.co! We hope you will stick around and that you will join us in our mission.

Corynne Staresinic