Volunteer Blog and Email Manager

Applications due by Wednesday, October 23rd

We are looking for a Blog & Email Intern to join our volunteer team! The ideal applicant will demonstrate an understanding of the mission of The Catholic Woman and a passion for growing our readership and engaging our readers in a more direct way through our blogs and newsletter. This person will oversee our blogs and our weekly newsletter.


  1. Unpaid volunteer internship with The Catholic Woman Nonprofit

  2. (Up to) 10 hours a week; 1-year commitment

  3. Location: Remote or Cincinnati, OH / Northern Kentucky

Blog & Email Internship Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee The Catholic Woman’s blog and weekly newsletter, including:

    1. Maintaining readable, user-friendly, and polished blog posts and newsletters

    2. Scheduling content calendar  

    3. Grow readership using SEO and analytics

  2. Work with:

    1. Manager to get approval for newsletters and receive feedback

    2. Designers to receive assets for newsletter

  3. Stays up-to-date with analytics and readership growth


  1. Working knowledge of or familiarity with Squarespace

  2. Willingness to learn or working knowledge of email marketing platform

  3. Working knowledge of SEO and analytics

  4. Demonstration of knowledge for the mission and visual brand

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the form below and submit

  2. Then, send resume to info@thecatholicwoman.co

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Have you worked with platforms like Squarespace and/or Mailchimp before? Please address this in your answer.

You will hear back from us by November 15th!