What We're Asking of You

Using the format of a letter, share how a particular moment in your life has defined your experience as a Catholic woman. Then, use the insight you've gained from your experience to encourage. 

Ultimately, your letter should cultivate a sense of sisterhood and solidarity amongst Catholic women twenty-somethings. 

If your letter is accepted, it will be featured on our blog (along with an interview we will conduct with you at a later time) sometime later this year.


  • You must be a Catholic woman of at least 20 years of age
  • You must submit a typed transcript of letter first before handwriting your letter
    • If your letter is accepted, then we will have you write it up and give you a mailing address 
  • Your letter must be no more than 1500 words 
  • You must make all set deadlines 


Free Gift

The first 25 Catholic women to submit letters will receive a free gift from us. We will follow up with you about this, as well as the status of the acceptance of your letter, over email by May 23rd. 

Please note, due to shipping costs, the gift is only available to letter writers in the USA. We apologize for this! 

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • May 11 - May 21: We will be taking letter submissions for 10 days
    • Note that your letter may be subject to revisions and edits
  • May 23: You will be notified if your letter has been accepted or rejected, if you have revisions to make and if you’ve won a free gift.
    • If your letter was accepted and if we give you revisions, you must have these made by Friday, May 25th
  • May 25: Any assigned revisions are due
  • May 30: Accepted letters must be mailed out to us by Wednesday, May 30th
    • We will notify you at a later time what month your letter will be published

Please note that if you fail to meet a deadline, your letter will not be featured


Copyright Disclaimer

By contributing a letter to The Catholic Woman, you are granting The Catholic Woman copyright permission to publish, use, advertise with, distribute and reproduce your message on a non-exclusive and perpetual, basis, along with the right to incorporate any such content into any format or medium developed. You hereby relinquish all claims to monetary compensation for any and all of these uses.