Being a Home (Film) - A Letter from Alanna Boudreau

Musician Alanna Boudreau shares how she's used her gifts & talents as a way to bring healing to others. You can check out Alanna's music on iTunes and YouTube, and keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram! 

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A letter from Alanna to you

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To my sisters in Christ: 

He’s not about restraint: He’s about transformation. Grace builds on nature. The closer we draw to Him, the freer we are to become who we are. What a freedom to say, “I know who I belong to. My identity as God’s child is unchanging. I know it and I know that the fullness of joy awaiting me is worth the effort + pain + doubt + messiness + silence I’m experiencing each time I say no to the spirit of the world, which systematically seeks to destroy my personality + to undo my peace.” 

Be gentle on yourself, sweet girl. “Help me to love what You have created.” Be gentle on others - they have suffered too. “Help me to love what you have created.” 

At its worst, my heart is saturnine + insatiable. But at its best, it is a home of comfort, a safe harbor + a place of creation. It is the womb of my mind + soul. May I ever be open to Life as He comes, however He comes, when ever He comes.

Love, Alanna

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