My Vocation is Love

My Sisters in Christ,

Hello. I graduated from college in May 2016. This year has been filled with transitions (working full time, moving out of my parents, doing my own taxes, buying a car, searching for community, etc) While I have been settling into this new stage in my life, I have found myself asking this question: “What does it really mean to be a young Catholic woman?”

Recently, I have been thinking that I can’t offer much to the Church because so much in my life is new. But no matter where we are in life (settled, transitional period, single, religious life, married, etc), we all have something to offer to the Church.

St. Therese of Lisieux puts it simply, “My vocation is love.” St. Therese’s wisdom has been very powerful for me because of the simplicity of the constant call to love. Christ shows us the ultimate love on the cross. It is that pure + perfect love that teaches us how to truly love. Love is something that we as women can embody in a beautiful way simply through our innate compassion for another.

My encouragement is to be renewed in your vocation to love through the example that Christ has given us on the cross. Don’t allow the world to cloud your eyes with negativity or discouragement. How can you practically live your vocation to love today?

In Mary’s Heart, Megan

Megan Dickert is a 23 year old Director of High School Evangelization at a parish in Cincinnati, OH