On Artistry & Motherhood (Film) - A Letter from Carolyn Svellinger

From a young age, Carolyn desired to be the best artist she could possibly be. She’s now living this dream of hers, though it looks radically different than what she initially had planned. We hope Carolyn’s story inspires you to see the way God can fulfill our dreams, even if things don’t go exactly as planned.

From Carolyn, To You

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My Sisters in Christ, 

You are more than what the world says makes a successful woman. You are more than your successes, more than your looks; you are more than just a number.

You have a unique role in our faith. Your feminine genius, your talents, and yes, even your faults are a precious part of the living body of Christ's Church.

The day I laid eyes on Pope St. John Paul II's Letter to Artists, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Catholic Church needed me; it needed me more than I realized. That blew me away because previously, I did not feel there was a place in the church for a modern woman with a paintbrush in her hand.

But here I am & here you are.

The church needs you, sister, more than you know. You belong here.

In Christ

Carolyn S. 

About Carolyn


Carolyn is an illustrator and blogger at Svellerella and runs an Etsy shop called Brass and Mint Co. Together with her husband Craig, they have five children. 

Keep up with Carolyn's artistic + motherhood adventures on Instagram @carolyn_svellerella and follow her illustrative work @brass_and_mint_co