Sisterhood and Building Up the Church

Hey, sister friend! 

Can I just tell you how beautiful the concept of “sisterhood” is?!? I remember attending a retreat many years ago with young women from across the country and chanting, “Can we build s-i-s-t-e-r-h-o-o-d, sisterhood?!!” I admit, at first I thought it was cheesy, but deep down this was one of the greatest moments in my life because I'm still great friends with many of these women. (Oh... and we still chant this randomly,  even if we do it as a joke ;)) In reality, we know this strong need for sisterhood is what brought many of us together.

Prior to that time in my life, females were my foes – not friends. I had a hard time trusting so-called “friends” who'd easily talk about me behind my back or turn on me when things got tough. For me, being “one of the guys” was easier. I got along with men better and there just seemed to be less drama. 

But I needed more. I love my male friends, but let's be honest... There are things they just don't get about being a woman. 

From the retreat onward, I opened my heart and met women in my life who changed everything for me. I found females to not just be friends but FAMILY. As daughters of our King, I found true beauty in sisterhood. I walk with many different women for many different reasons, but I know each one I encounter has been wonderfully & perfectly woven into my life. These are women I laugh with, cry with, pray with. We share stories of victory and loss. We support each other when someone falls in love…and falls in heartache. We build each other up. We help each other heal. 

However, the most important gem I've found in sisterhood is accountability. There's definitely nothing scarier than sharing your flaws and darkest parts with someone, but find the right women and you'll see that there's nothing more freeing that taking that step into the light.

Sisterhood is not judging but helping one another grow in holiness. It's a love that must be nurturing but sometimes tough. Sisterhood is praying with and for someone. It's finding someone who will follow up with you and help keep you in the light.

I'm blessed to have many of these types of sisters in my life. I'm grateful for these Christ-centered relationships that have one goal: get into heaven and bring everyone you love with you.

Sisters, let's embrace each other because that is the strength we need to help build our beautiful Church! Please know that I am praying for you and remember: #sisterhoodisthebesthood 

In the name of sisterhood,

Maricris Dizon

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Maricris Dizon is a 35 year old working as Marketing lead for Ministry at Dynamic Catholic with a big heart for anyone and everyone who crosses her path.