To Be a Woman - A Letter from Meredith

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Dear friend, 

I used to be scared of becoming a woman. Being a little girl wasn't a big deal--I could wear pants and tromp in the mud and have wild, crazy hair. But to become a woman meant taking on a mantle of some mysterious responsibility; a woman was an ethereal, beautiful angel... and I was just a little girl. 

Then at age 11 or 12 I was at the library and grabbed a book that I thought was just a historical novel for kids. It turned out to be from the adult section, and it contained a pretty detailed scene of rape. This scared me even more. How could I become a woman in a world where terrible things happen? 

Time passed, and I grew, and I asked myself "what does it mean?" I asked God, "what does it mean to be a woman in a broken world?" 

And He said, again and again, "it means to be you," which I didn't understand for a long time. Didn't understand that I could find the answers inside me. That the mystical beauty and strength I saw in women as a child was inside of me, too. 

I didn't understand until I chose courage. I chose to open the door of my heart a crack. I opened a crack and was astonished to see the fruits unfold before me. The beauty from that vulnerability. I was astonished at the incredible gift of woman: to multiply love. To support and encourage and share. I had never realized that was available to any woman... never realized it was possible for every woman. 

In a world where femininity is at once upheld and discarded, loved and hated, beautiful and broken... I want to practice gratitude for this beautiful responsibility. For the opportunity to show, in my person, love. To shelter and nurture and breathe life. To be a woman. 



Get to know Meredith

Meet Meredith: a 25 year old videographer with a passion for storytelling & a love for Star Wars. 

Hi Meredith! What do the first two hours of your day look like?

The first hour of my day is when I wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, make lunch, and head out the door. The second hour is usually driving to work and then morning prayer!

What's your favorite part about being a videographer?

My favorite part about working as a videographer is getting to tell stories. Sharing ideas and emotions and creativity and making something that can be viewed by people all over is very exciting to me. 

Tell us one fear that keeps you up at night.

Something that keeps me up at night... I'd have to say I worry a lot about how nice I've been. Sometimes I worry that someone didn't like me because I didn't listen well enough. Or I'll blame myself for something I know isn't really my fault. Those kinds of things. 

When was the first time you experienced a strong sense of belonging in the Catholic Church? 

In high school I was involved in a youth group that really changed the way I saw the world. Prior to that, I was homeschooled and thought it was best... but through the youth group, and the bi-yearly retreats they put on, I got to meet kids from public schools and private schools and other homeschoolers and get a taste of Catholic diversity really for the first time. 


Tells us about a woman you look up to! 

I really look up to Erica Tighe, of Be a Heart Design. Even from the name of her company you can see that she is committed to person-centered work, art, and really, life. I really admire that emphasis on personal relationship. 

Favorite fictional character. Go!

Peter Pan.