Your Response: "To be a woman is to be..."

Last week on our Instagram, we asked you to share with us your thoughts about what it means to be a woman. To those of you who responded: thank you for sharing your insight! Here is a look at some of your responses...

@lifestyleditor...all that woman is capable of.

@elenatheawesome... fully willing to follow God's plan and to love him unconditionally.

@simply.sarahs... beloved.

@lizseter_10 An individual who embraces the manner in which they have been created- a daughter of God, and embraces others to do the same

@christie_vaughn Fearfully and wonderfully made!! ❤❤

@annunciationdesigns Strong

@misssamanthayee I heard a homily this weekend that said when God made women, he made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. 💕

@clara_m_arvayo To be a woman is to be enduring 🕊

@grace.vonlehman Strong in vulnerability

@telosart virtuous, a bridge-builder

@nykole.lee Yourself

@alaina_milan A sacred stronghold, and a whimsical song. A mother- the architect of society.

@thespiitfire A child of God

@goosenbunny A co-creator

Keep an eye out for our next Q&A post-it note coming this week! Thanks again to all who contributed!

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