Sawubona and Sikhona

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Dear Sisters...

I’m writing this letter from Durban, South Africa. So to keep this real, I’ll stick with a suitable greeting – Sawubona! (An appropriate response here would be ‘Sikhona’ meaning “I am here”). 

A while back I was blessed with the opportunity to join an awesome marketing team for a rapidly growing company. As someone who has a passion for creativity and business, I couldn’t have found myself in a better place. I was constantly in awe with the fact that God had put me in a position that I had so frequently asked Him for. Then something happened.

My ambitions took over and my focus was shifting everywhere else but towards Him. This carried on for a good while until God did that awesome thing again and drew the line when I so clearly forgot to. I began hearing a ‘sawubona’ from every direction. It was only after a couple of sawubona’s when I started responding sikhona, sikhona! I had drifted from my purpose and this was it. This was God about to help me get back on track.

After surrendering to His will, although still completely blinded by what it in fact was, I resigned from my marketing job with no plan B. But that was just it. I didn’t need a plan B because I was and still am on plan A. Just not my plan A.

As I write this letter to you, I am sitting in my classroom. That I teach in. Everyday. But Gods plan is never subtle. He wanted more. I now have this beautiful responsibility of being Youth Coordinator at my parish, too (there is a lot of admin involved, but God manages to shine through it all).

In sharing this with you, it probably won’t change your life, but I hope that it affirms the fact that God’s will, will prevail. He loves us so much- I wish I could carry on writing about all the times I have failed him but He always comes through for me so much more than I expected. I am so flawed and yet He still does such amazing things in my life. I hope you see that He does this for you too, sometimes we just choose not to see it. We need to open our eyes and our hearts to all these blessings because they often don’t come to us the way we expect. If we are not open to His presence, we will always be going one step forward and ten steps back. Needless to say, he will be with us in those ten steps.

With love,


Get to know Jodi

Hello! My name is Jodi. Been aging now for about 23 ½ years. Current occupation: lesson planner, summary creator, prayer finder and motivation giver. Basically, I’m a teacher at a high school and the youth coordinator at my parish. These two sometimes coincide, and I’m beginning to think that this is somehow linked to my vocation. My current state-in-life? Well, quite an emotional state to say the least.

Jodi Sardinha Portrait for The Catholic Woman