Our Quarterly Theme: Sisterhood


Sisterhood comes in all forms.

It may be a smile from a woman at mass, 

a phone call from a childhood friend,

or making a meal for a new mom.


It may be your prayers to Mary,

listening to a friend open up about a struggle in her life 

or holding your friend as she cries.


Perhaps it’s being truly yourself with another. 

And receiving your sister as she is. 


It’s a commitment to empathy, vulnerability & courage.

It’s challenging each other,

protecting each other, 

and loving each other.


It can be the simplest and most profound reminder that we all belong here.

Friends, we are connected. Simply by virtue of being Catholic and being women, we are a part of a spiritual sisterhood. It’s age-old, diverse and made up of holy, imperfect Catholic women. And we cannot forget this - especially in the darkest and most isolating of times. Together, we can be there for each other. We can challenge each other to be better. We can build each other up.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to our theme for our Letters to Women this quarter: sisterhood.

From July to September, we’ll be publishing letters and a mini-documentary that illustrate the many different ways sisterhood can look and the ways it’s needed amongst Catholic women. 

We hope these letters serve as a reminder that you are never alone as a woman in this world.

We are praying for you, friends. 

Love, Your friends from TCW