Your Response: "When you hear the phrase 'the Catholic woman'..."

Last week on our Instagram, we asked you what comes to mind when you hear "the Catholic woman." To those of you who responded: thank you for sharing your insight! Here are a few of our favorite responses...

@lifestyleditor A new friend I haven't met yet

@catholicandchocolate She realizes her strength is in God. She is not perfect! Knows she is called to direct others to Jesus!

@silkwood6 Grace. Devotion. Kindness

@gabrielle.gilliland A woman who swims against the tide.

@mandeecarmical Oh I want to chat with her. Coffee... tea... or wine...

@joannikins Me!

@francophoney Intellect and grace, though not always of the typical/traditional/etc. variety!

@white_lily_farm A woman with her eyes and heart on heaven.

@lilyandrose_co A woman who understands that her life is not her own and that everything good comes from God. She constantly wants to learn more from God and strives to not commit the smallest sin against Him. She prays to ❤️ Him more and to ❤️ others more.

@veronicamarieeeee Mary! a strong woman with virtue

Keep an eye out for our next Q&A post-it note! Thanks again to all who contributed!