When Was the Last Time You Smiled? - A Letter from Amy

The first letter of our Cultivating Sisterhood short-series

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To those of you who are ever at a loss on how to cultivate sisterhood, a genuine smile is a simple & easy place to start. In the first letter of our Cultivating Sisterhood short-series, writer Amy reminds us of the importance of smiling. Thank you Amy for reminding us that we all have the power to choose joy.  

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Hi Sisters, 

I have a question for you! When was the last time you smiled? Like really smiled, your checks starting hurting smiled! For some us it might have been yesterday or others it might seem like we are in a season of not smiling at all. 

I remember when what seemed like the season of not smiling at all I made my way to my local Adoration Chapel. I was really struggling with finding joy. I was exhausted, unsatisfied, and frequently ungrateful for where I was in my life. I wanted more. I cried out to the Lord “What is your plan for my life?!” After this time of prayer, I was walking out of the chapel and ran into this man. He bluntly told me “Smile, you were just with Jesus!” I was taken aback from this encounter and thought, “He is right, I need to smile!”

As Catholic Women, we are so blessed The Lord comes into our life so humbly in the Blessed Sacrament, He meets us where we’re at and He never leaves us! I needed that reminder to choose joy, to smile even when it hurts, and to know The Lord wants us to have joy! 

So, sisters I encourage you to smile! Let those checks hurt! This will be our first step in choosing joy in our lives.

I would like to end with one of my favorite quotes from St. Mother Teresa, “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” 

Today allow your joy to be an act of Charity! 

In Christ’s love & joy, 


Get to know Amy

Tell us about yourself!

Amy Robertson Portrait

My name is Amy Margaret Robertson. I am a single 24-year-old women working at a local Coffee Shop in Kansas City, Missouri! 

What do the first two hours of your day look like?

The first hour of my day consists of getting up early, quickly getting ready and rushing out the door to make it to work on time! The second hour of my day consist of commuting around an hour to work.  

What's your favorite part of being a barista?

Amy Robertson Portrait Starbucks Barista

My favorite part of my occupation right now is the opportunity to meet tons of people desiring to drink wonderfully made coffee. I never know who I will encounter for that day and I believe that is the beauty of it. It really allows my heart to be open to whoever God wants me to encounter! 

What's one personal challenge that keeps you up at night?

Right now, my personal challenge is trusting God has a plan for my life. It is difficult at times to remember He has not forgotten me! 

Tell us about the first time you experienced a strong sense of belonging in the Catholic Church. 

The first time I felt a strong belonging to the Catholic Church was my Confirmation. I remember vividly being so joyful, feeling loved by the Lord and my family. 

Tell us about a woman you look up to. 

One of the women I look up to as of recently is Hannah the mother of Samul in the Bible. Hannah suffered from infertility and she feared God would never allow her to bare a child. The thing that impresses me most is during this struggle Hannah n e v e r s t o p s p r a y i n g.  She pours her heart out to the Lord, trusting He will fulfill the desires of her heart. And He does! The Lord is faithful to us!

Favorite literary character (from a book, movie, TV series). Go!

Mia Thermopolis—Queen of Genova! A ordinary clumsy girl who grows up into a sophisticated women leading a whole country! Dang girl, you go! 

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