To the Women Who Have Shown Me God's Love - A Letter from Sarah

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My dearest sisters,

You are so incredibly and unconditionally loved by God. Let that sink in for a moment. Savor it. Be comforted by it. Believe it. You. Are. Loved.

One of the amazing things about God’s love is that it shows itself in so many different ways. As I pray about that ineffable gift, I am reminded of the incredible women that have graciously shown me God’s love through their faith and their actions. And it never ceases to fail that no matter what part of the world I’m in, I am graced by the introduction of yet another God-loving woman, whose love and friendship I will cherish forever – more often than not in the form of a grandmother…

Saint Ann and I have always had a special relationship. She was the mother of Mary and is the patron saint of grandparents. (Makes sense since she was Jesus’ grandmother.) At times in my life where I found Mary’s holiness to be a bit distancing and out of reach, it was Saint Ann who I approached for intercession to our Lord. 

We often forget that even Mary’s courageous faith and love for God had to be nurtured and tended to as she grew into that strong woman who answered “yes” to God’s call. Thank you, Saint Ann, for watching over and teaching and loving the sweet baby girl who would grow to be the mother of God.

It is Saint Ann the grandmother that I ask to pray for me when I am feeling lost. And in moments where I have felt week in my faith or just scared and alone in unfamiliar places I have come to notice a pattern of meeting women who help me through the darkness. These women tend to be grandmothers and each one I’ve met has reminded me of my own grandmother who is always a source of love and comfort in my life – serendipitously enough, her name is MaryAnn. My grandma’s faith inspired me to explore my own. I’ve never known anyone as generous and kind and she inspires me daily. I would not be the woman I am today without her support and guidance and I thank God every day for such a beautiful example of love.  

And by God’s grace, no matter where I am in the world I always meet faith-filled women who remind me of my own grandma and who show me God’s love through their generosity of self and their courageous faith. One example of this was my boss in Alaska, Susan. Susan reminded me so much of my own grandmother that several times I had to tell myself that I was not home in Ohio - It was almost creepy.  Her guidance, patience and care giving as I navigated a year of service showed me God’s love daily. It was as if God brought one of my favorite pieces of home, my grandmother, with me while I was away. I don’t know that I could have survived that year without her, without that gift from God. 

This happens time and time again in just about every place I visit. God continues to share grandmas, abuelas and nonnas, with me as I move around the world. God’s love pours out for me by means of grandmas - wise, faith filled, generous women that pray with me at mass, that speak with me about their lives and how God loves. These women are signs to me that God loves and is present with me always no matter where I am.

 And so I encourage you, my beloved sister, to pay attention and take note of those people God places in your life to show you that you are loved. Who are they? How do they make the reality of God’s love present in your life? 

Always remember sweet friend, that you are loved – deeply, passionately, and wholly.



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Hey there! I’m Sarah - a 26 year-old from a small town in Ohio who is currently working as the Director of Christian Service at an all boys school on the East Coast. I coordinate the service side of campus ministry at our high school and help get students thinking about social justice and how it connects to living our faith and I LOVE it!

Sarah Stanley