Veiling as a Sign of My Love to God - A Letter from Alyssa

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Dear lovely Sisters,

“Every time we go to Mass we renew our vows to Jesus.” This fundamental truth became a reality in my life the moment I knelt the at the communion rail about to receive the Eucharist in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Jesus, the Bridegroom, longs for each one of us and desires an intimate relationship with us. 

Sisters in Christ, we are God’s masterpiece, a true work of art, both beautiful and radiant in His sight. We were made in His image and likeness, and are made to love and be loved. In order to remind myself that I am His beloved, I personally decided to make an external sign of my love and commitment to God by wearing my mantilla veil whenever I go to church. Like a religious habit, the mantilla veil is for women to demonstrate their submission to God’s Will and is a call to strive for holiness. For me, whether it is going to the Traditional Latin Mass on Sunday or simply just stopping in a chapel for ten minutes to pray before our Lord in Adoration, I always bring my mantilla veil to wear as a reminder to humble myself before God, the King of Kings. 

Honestly, at first, I was a little nervous to wear my veil. The questions of, “What will others think of me?” and “How will they react?” ran through my head. Although I struggled with these fears, it was through God’s grace alone that I somehow found the courage and strength to take the first step and wear my veil. Now, whenever I wear my veil before the Blessed Sacrament I am truly filled with a sense of joy, wonder, and awe.

Today, my sweet sisters, I encourage you to renew your vows to Him. Maybe for you that will be starting to receive the Eucharist on the tongue, or stopping during the 3 o’clock hour to pray a Divine Mercy chaplet, or even going out and getting your own veil to wear! Whatever devotional you choose, may it be from your heart and may it help to remind you of your dignity and worth as a woman of God. 

I am praying for you and wish you abundant joy! God love you and God bless you sisters!

In Christ, through Mary, 

Alyssa Duet

Get to know Alyssa Duet

My name is Alyssa! I am a practicing Catholic born in the wonderful Sunshine State of Florida and am the youngest in our family of four. I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Elementary Education, currently pursuing a Masters of Education, and am inspired to teach children at a Catholic school. I also have a passion for photography and love being able to capture a moment in time and make it last forever. 

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