#CWportraits - Let's Celebrate Catholic Women


Happy 2018! We want to kick off the New Year by celebrating you, Catholic women. We each have a story to tell. We're inviting you to share yours now by using #CWportraits on Instagram.

Here's what we're asking of you:

  1. Share a photo of yourself on your Instagram that captures who you are 
  2. In your caption, share how your faith shapes your worldview & day-to-day life, as a Catholic woman
    1. Think: how does my faith impact the way I understand myself, as a Catholic woman? How does it affect the way I wake up, the way I work, the way I interact with others? How does my faith empower me?
  3. ⠀Use #CWPortraits at the end of your caption⠀⠀

Together, let’s cultivate a feed of #CWportraits to show the world the many different faces & vocations of 21st-century Catholic women. Let’s share with each other the beauty of the Church and the way it shapes each of our lives. Let’s celebrate the faith that unites us and the unique, God-given differences that set us apart

So who’s in? Share your portraits & stories now by using #CWportraits. We can't wait to hear from you!

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