Finding God in Unlikely Places


Dreaming is a beautiful act of hope. Eager to hear our desires for future relationships, jobs, adventures, the Lord patiently waits to be invited into every moment to encourage and guide us. He delights to dream with us.

But, life rarely happens the way we expect. Sometimes, we find ourselves in the last place we ever thought we’d be, and, confronted with this mystery, we ask the question, “why would God lead me here?” 

Have you been there, sister? 

Maybe you didn’t land the dream job, but later discovered an opportunity that was better than you could have imagined. Maybe a relationship you thought would last forever withered. Or, maybe, you have stood at the intersection of grief and tragedy, feeling lost and desperate for healing.

Whether we find ourselves marveling at the Father’s blessings or looking for His hand in the midst of great suffering, one thing is certain: He is there. God always meets us where we are, and He speaks to us in ways only He knows we will hear. 

Luring our hearts with His melody of truth and peace, God guides us to unlikely places so we can encounter Him in profound ways: Where there is suffering, He pours out healing; where there is uncertainty, He invites us to trust; where there is power, He calls us to be good stewards of His gifts.

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