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Surrendering the Unknown to God After Graduation - Letter from Claire Bach

“You know, they call it a mid-life crisis, but does anyone else feel like it’s more like a daily-life crisis? That may be a little dramatic but I’m sure you can relate to those moments throughout your life that you look around thinking what the heck, where do I go from here?”

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Profession as a Path to Holiness - A Letter from Isabella Contolini

"I also had to realize that medicine is a vocation. It might not be a “capital V” vocation in the sense that marriage, the priesthood, or religious life is a Vocation, but it is a way that God calls humanity to live out our love for neighbor and serve our brothers and sisters."

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Working from Home as a Mom - A Letter from Elayne Miller

"Working from home is not without its difficulties. I struggle to put down my work and be present to my family. ...But the big picture keeps me going – I am so lucky to be able to provide for my family inside the home and outside."

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