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The Late Diagnosis That Led Me Closer to Christ - A Letter from Nicole Oliver

“I would like to share with you, a story of hardship that started when I was a young child, and I have lived with my entire life. In fact, it is a struggle I am dealing with today. It is something I have come to embrace and accept. It's also a challenge and responsibility I have been given to help others who may face isolation, exclusion or loneliness. My hope is that it will inspire you not to give up during the toughest times in your life…”

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Living Life to the Fullest While Waiting for Children - A Letter from Hannah Russell

“A mothers heart with no children. Oh how I long for the day. As the months passed and our desires only grew stronger I started to feel lost. I thought this was my purpose? I thought I had everything figured out in this part of my life.”

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