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Asking Why and the Pursuit of Faith

I tend to connect most with the people in my field as a marine biologist because of our love for nature, our peace that stems from the simplicity yet complexity of life, and care that wells up as we become stewards of our planet but rarely (if at all) do any of them share my faith. ...But even that has its limit. The number of times I have encountered Catholics who don’t believe my life’s work has purpose because conserving our planet for the sake of humanity is 'too liberal' is heart-wrenching for me. ...This lack of never truly belonging leads to many questions about the deepest parts of a human being and our aloneness in this world.

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There's Room for Each of Us at This Table - Letter from Claire Swinarski

I knew Jesus had room for me—he hung out with my crowd, loud mouth recovering know-it-alls trying to figure out how to follow Him. That wasn’t my issue. It was the Church, with its pearls and stained glass, its rules about candle height and liturgical music and specific wordings—that was where I wasn’t sure I was welcome. 

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Finding Home in the Church After Crossing the Border - A Letter from Jessica Maciel Hernandez

“My mom worked as a banker in Mexico, and we lived a stable life, along with the help and support from family members. Throughout the years, my mom experienced a lot of fear and trauma... Her last experience where she got held at gunpoint, was the last straw…”

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