Anna in California

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Anna Clipperton and I am currently 21 years old. I recently graduated from college and will begin working as a Spanish teacher this upcoming fall at a Catholic high school.


Where are you located? 

I currently live just outside of Los Angeles in Malibu, California.

Are you a cradle Catholic, convert or revert?

I am technically a cradle Catholic, however, my parents raised me in a way in which they allowed me to take responsibility for my faith. It was not until I was 14 that I really understood the role Christ played in my life, and the Church’s guiding role in leading me towards his love and mercy.

What’s been the biggest game changer in your Catholic faith?

Pope Francis’ declaration of the 2015-2016 liturgical calendar as the Year of Mercy was an extremely transformational period of my life. Living in Argentina at the time, each Mass was a reminder of Christ’s overwhelming and unconditional love. During this period, I struggled to understand how my brokenness could not only be accepted, but cherished. I came to learn how my weakness was an opportunity for the Lord to demonstrate his power, love and glory in my and other’s lives.

Name a saint you identify with and share why.

St. Therese of Liseux is a saint to whom I often pray. After reading The Story of a Soul, I related to her sensitivity, but also her gratification for the smallest of treasures. I mirror her desire to be like a child, fully surrendering my trust to the Almighty King. When I am caught up in the details of life and what exactly I am supposed to do, she reminds me that we are simply to love like a child. St. Therese pray for us!

When have you felt most valued as a woman in the Church? 

I have had the fortunate opportunity to serve as a sponsor for three different confirmation candidates, one of whom was my father. Seeking to lead him towards Christ not only inspired me to learn more about my faith, but also to model God’s love in my actions. For me, this was a pivotal season in my dad and I’s relationship. We were no longer simply father and daughter, but a brother and sister in Christ. Every time I am able to celebrate Mass with him now, I praise God for our spiritual bond.

What’s your favorite way to pray?

I love to journal. Every evening I try to spend at least 30 minutes reflecting on the day, thanking the Lord for what He gave me, and becoming resolute in my commitment to love and serve him more the following day.

Favorite liturgical holiday?

I think my favorite liturgical holiday would be the Paschal Tirduum, but most specifically Easter Vigil Mass. I used to dread attending this Mass when I was younger due to its longer celebration; however, reflecting upon the monumental and glorious salvation history reminds me of creation’s beauty and Christ’s glory. I look forward to this time every single year.

What do you do for fun?

I love to be outside - hiking, camping, and going to the beach are some of my favorite things. I also love spending time with my family; they are my rock. When I am not doing these aforementioned activities, I usually can be found writing, playing the ukulele/piano, or reading.

Three words that describe you — go! 

Joyful, Attentive, Compassionate

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