Volunteer Editor

Applications due by Wednesday, October 23rd

We are looking for new letter editors to join our volunteer team! The ideal applicant will demonstrate an understanding of the mission of The Catholic Woman and a passion for editing and storytelling. Letter editors will collaborate with our editorial team to find, read, and edit letters that help illustrate the diversity of women in the Church.


  1. Unpaid volunteer role with The Catholic Woman Nonprofit

  2. (Up to) 10 hours a week; 1-year commitment

  3. Location: Remote

Editor Responsibilities:

  1. Manages letter-writers by:

    1. Working directly with each of them to provide revisions on their letters

    2. Providing edits and revisions in a professional and charitable manner

    3. Collecting all necessary information and assets needed from each writer

  2. Personally seeks out and invites devout Catholic women with personal stories of faith that provide unique insight on Catholic womanhood to write letters for The Catholic Woman

  3. Collaborates with The Catholic Woman core team to ensure that every letter is in line with our mission, organizational values, and with the teachings of the Church


  1. Professional experience in journalism, creative writing, or a related field

  2. Willingness to learn or working knowledge of Drive

  3. Exceptional editing skills

  4. Applicant can start as early as November 1st

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the form below and submit

  2. Then, send your resume to info@thecatholicwoman.co

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You will hear back from us by November 15th!