Volunteer Photographer

Applications due by Wednesday, October 23rd

We are looking for photographers to join our volunteer team! The ideal applicant will demonstrate a passion for and understanding of the mission of The Catholic Woman, a working knowledge of photography basics, and an ability to create beautiful, on-brand photographs for The Catholic Woman.


  1. Unpaid volunteer internship with The Catholic Woman Nonprofit

  2. (Up to) 10 hours a week; 1-year commitment

  3. Location: Remote or Cincinnati, OH / Northern Kentucky

Photographer Responsibilities:

  1. Providing five new, original photographs every week for The Catholic Woman

    1. Frequently providing portraits that illustrate the diversity of women in the Church

  2. Pitching, conducting, and editing shoots that promote the mission and content of The Catholic Woman

  3. Working with The Catholic Woman team for insight, approval, and feedback


  1. Working knowledge of how to use a camera and Lightroom and/or Photoshop

  2. Excellent photography portfolio

  3. Demonstration of knowledge for the visual brand of The Catholic Woman

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the form below and submit

  2. Then, send the following items to info@thecatholicwoman.co:

    1. Resume

    2. Photography portfolio

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If applicable

You will hear back from us by November 15th!