Write a Letter to Women

Though letter submissions are currently closed, you can begin preparing your letter for when we reopen submissions later this spring.


We need your help.

We want to illustrate the many faces and vocations of women in our Church, but we can’t do this without you. Would you consider writing a letter to our readers? A letter that gives us insight to your faith journey. A letter that inspires us to embrace ourselves as God created us. A letter that reminds each of us of our humanity and connectedness, as Catholic women.

Together, by writing letters to one another, let’s show that each and every one of us has a place in the Catholic Church.

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Please read the criteria below as you prepare your letter transcript.


The Task At Hand

Write a personal letter to our readers that shares a story that illustrates what belonging in the Church looks like for you as a Catholic woman to help us make the Church a more welcoming place for millennial Catholic women.


  1. Writer is a Catholic woman of at least 19 years of age

  2. Letter is no more than 1500 words

  3. Type letter transcript first for the submission. If your letter is accepted, then we will have you write it up and send us scans or a physical copy

What We Look For

  1. Letter tells a story, not an anecdote or a spiritual reflection

    1. The biggest reason why we turn down letters is because they don’t tell a story. If you’re looking for guidance on how avoid this, check out this article.

  2. Letter is focused and to-the-point*

  3. Letter is written as a letter, not as a typical blogpost

  4. Letter is vulnerable, and gives us an intimate look at the writer’s faith

  5. Letter is written with the interests and needs of our primary readers in mind (millennial Catholic women)



Frequently Asked Questions


When will you reopen letter submissions?

In the spring of 2019.

Where do I submit my letter?

Once we reopen letter submissions, you will be able to submit the transcript of your letter at the bottom of this page.

When will I hear back from you?

You will hear back from us on whether or not your letter is accepted, and if it has revisions or edits to be made, within a month of your submission.

What are common reasons why we turn letters down?

Letter doesn’t tell a story

The most common reason why we turn down letters is because they don’t tell a story. A letter that shares only an anecdote or a reflection on a spiritual struggle, but doesn’t tell a story that engages the reader and takes the reader through a lived experience of the writer’s may likely be rejected. We have receive many letters that are similar in style to a devotional - we are looking for letters that tell a compelling story that give us a glimpse of who the writer is, as a unique person.

Letter is bloated

Another common reason why we turn down letters is because writers will try to pack too much into them. Given the 1500 word count, there isn’t enough space for the writer to adequately share their life story. That being said, to avoid doing this, focus in and tell the story of one moment, event or season in your life, and then provide greater context when necessary.

Letter is too vague

We look for letters that show, and don’t just tell the reader about the writer’s story. A letter ought to paint a clear, and detailed picture of what happened to the writer. The reader should be drawn in to the writer’s experience, so that the reader can learn from and empathize with the writer, and ultimately, grow in charity.

If I’ve submitted a letter in the past, can I submit a new letter?

If you have resubmitted a letter in the past and we did not accept it, you are more than welcome to submit a letter again. Thanks for considering it! We are happy to hear from you again.

If you have had a letter featured on our platform before in the past, we will not accept a new letter from you only because our goal is to feature a letter from a new Catholic woman every week, in the spirit our mission to illustrate the many faces and vocations of women in the Church.

Our Copyright Disclaimer

By submitting a letter to The Catholic Woman email, you are granting The Catholic Woman copyright permission to publish, use, advertise with, distribute and reproduce your message on a non-exclusive and perpetual, basis, along with the right to incorporate any such content into any format or medium developed. When you submit your letter on this website, you hereby relinquish all claims to monetary compensation for any and all of these uses.

Got a question we didn’t answer?

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Happy Writing!

We can’t wait to hear from you this spring.


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