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Letter submissions are currently closed. Letter submissions will reopen on Saturday, January 5th midnight (EST), and close again on Saturday, January 12th at midnight (EST).



To all who are interested in submitting a letter this January, read on to learn about our letter writing requirements so you can begin preparing your letter.

We need your help.

We want to illustrate the many faces and vocations of women in our Church, but we can’t do this without you. Would you consider writing a letter to our readers? A letter that gives us insight to your faith journey. A letter that inspires us to embrace ourselves as God created us. A letter that reminds each of us of our humanity and connectedness.

Together, by writing letters to one another, let’s show that each and every one of us has a place in the Catholic Church.

Scroll to read our letter writing requirements.




Please read the criteria below as you prepare your letter transcript.


Letter Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Writer is a Catholic woman of at least 19 years of age

  2. Letter is no more than 1500 words

  3. Written as a letternot as a typical blogpost or a reflective essay

  4. Letter describes the story of a transformative moment in the writers life as a Catholic woman

  5. Letter speaks to the interests and needs of our target audience (Catholic women twenty-somethings)

Tip: Share a story of yours, not your life story.

One of the most common reasons why we turn down certain letters is that writers will try to pack too much into them. Given the 1500 word count, there just isn’t enough space for someone to adequately tell their entire life story. That being said, we highly recommend telling the story of one moment, event or one small season in your life, and then, providing context when necessary.

In short, stay focused, go deep in what you choose to share, and avoid trying to share your life story with the reader.


Call for Women of Color & Women Over 35

We believe in the importance of diversity - diversity of race, of age and of experience - especially as it relates to our mission of representing the women in the Catholic Church. We want this diversity in the Church to be reflected in our growing letter collection.

That’s why we’re asking women of color and women over the age of 35 to consider submitting a letter. We would love to hear and learn from you!

Note if you are not a woman of color or over 35, this does not mean we won’t accept a letter from you. Please still submit your letter! We accept letters from all Catholic women.

Copyright Disclaimer

By submitting a letter to The Catholic Woman email, you are granting The Catholic Woman copyright permission to publish, use, advertise with, distribute and reproduce your message on a non-exclusive and perpetual, basis, along with the right to incorporate any such content into any format or medium developed. When you submit your letter on this website, you hereby relinquish all claims to monetary compensation for any and all of these uses.



Happy writing!

We can’t wait to hear from you in early 2019. 


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