Our Mission


When you hear the phrase "the Catholic woman" does a particular image come to mind? Maybe it's your mother or grandmother. Maybe it's the woman you see every Sunday with those 5 adorable children. Perhaps it's a religious sister. 

Good or bad, right or wrong, many of us have a very vivid idea of who the Catholic woman is. And we'd like to expand on this! 

Our Mission & Vision

We are on a mission to illustrate the many faces and vocations of women in the Church because we want millennial Catholic women to know that they are welcome, valued and known in the Catholic Church. We truly want each and every millennial woman to know that there is a place for her in the Church.

We believe that by sharing the many faces and vocations of Catholic women, we can show women there's a place for every type of woman in the Church.  

Ultimately, our vision is to cultivate a culture amongst Catholics that is more personalistic and authentically Catholic in its understanding of womanhood so that all millennial women can come to know the Church as home.

Our Letters & Films

To achieve this mission, we publish empowering letters, interviews and mini-documentaries about Catholic women. You can read more about our letters here.

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