When we look at the lives of saints in the Catholic Church, we find diversity in vocation, in personality, and in devotion to Christ. From St. Teresa of Calcutta to St. Hildegard of Bingen, from St. Joan of Arc to St. Therese of Lisieux, it is clear that the number of ways in which one can be “woman" are as numerous as the women who have and will ever exist.

These great Catholic women teach us that womanhood is neither monotonous or uniform, but a way of being that’s expressed uniquely in every woman.

They show us that there is room for each of us in the Church.

In this spirit, we are committed to illustrating the many faces and vocations of women in the Church today to promote an awareness of the dignity, personhood, and individuality of Catholic women of all walks of life.

With every story we share, we want to affirm that you are welcome here - your personality, your strengths, your faults, your quirks, your calling - everything that makes you you. You have a place and a purpose in the Church.

From St. Therese to St. Joan, you belong here.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging amongst millennial Catholic women by illustrating the many faces and vocations of women in the Church so that each and every one of them is inspired to intentionally live out their faith.

Our Vision

A Church overflowing with young women who are inspired by their femininity and live it out to the fullest.

Our Values

Catholic Personalism

We strive to ensure our content always reflects a Catholic personalistic perspective on women - that women are human persons with inherent dignity, deserving of love according to the personalistic norm as expressed by Pope St. John Paul II.

Studious Orthodoxy

We believe in the Church’s teachings, and in striving to dive deeper into those teachings to understand them more clearly and be more empowered to live the faith. We believe there is much we can learn about different facets of the Catholic faith from women and their unique experiences.

Solidarity & Empathy

We believe in the solidarity of humankind, despite our differences. We are truly our sisters-keeper, and we believe we ought to approach one another with empathy, seeking to understand the other’s experience, so that we may grow in charity for one another. We strive to reflect this in our content.

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