Conversion Stories and Encouragement for New Converts

Our Holy Week Interview Series

Photo by Kasper Rasmus

Photo by Kasper Rasmus

Each day this upcoming Holy Week, we will be releasing stories of Catholic converts and their words of advice to women entering the Church this Easter!

Together, let’s remember what unites us as Catholic women. Together, let’s welcome new converts into the Church.

If you know a woman entering the Church this year, we encourage you to share these stories with her for encouragement and for affirmation that she is not alone in her journey with Christ.

To stay up to date with the series, check back here each day during Holy Week to find a new story!

Day One: Hannah Anderson’s Conversion

The Church, a Home for the Disabled and Suffering

Preview of the Story

“Growing up in Baptist churches where the Bible was read regularly, I was always confused by the many stories of Jesus giving blind men their sight or lepers being instantly healed as a sign of their faith. I’d often hear that illness and disability were a punishment for sin and that real faith could cure disease. I frequently begged God, What great sin had I committed to deserve my Deafness and disability? How much more faith did I need in order to be healed?

Day Two: Annie Vaeth’s Conversion

A Story That Started with a Pick up Line

Preview of the Story

“With every question and conversation the Catholic Church came out ahead. I still had a few doctrinal questions but the beauty, ritual, and art of the Catholic Church was quickly claiming my heart. I was falling in love.

I was simultaneously discerning my relationship with Joe and my relationship to the Catholic Church. I was terrified of accidentally confusing love of Joe with love for the Catholic Church.

Day Three: Letter from Paige Boyer

A Letter of Encouragement to Women Entering the Church This Easter

Preview of the letter

“…It all began in the most ordinary way. The moment that finally forced me to confront my noncommittal attitude toward faith didn’t involve a lightning bolt or a trumpet flare. I wasn’t standing on a mountaintop or sitting at rock bottom.

No, I was simply taking a break from homework and checking my Facebook feed. That’s right -- my “quest for truth” all began during the fall semester of my senior year in college, when I came across a post announcing that yet another high school classmate had gotten engaged.”

Day Four: Meity Chen

A Father’s Love

Preview of the Story

“I grew up in a traditional family that practiced Buddhism. …When I was 14 years old, my parents sent me to the Catholic School in town for its prestigious reputation. …Since attending Catholic School, I have learned that God is a Father who is ever loving and forgiving and always reaches out to His children. However, when I was a teenager I could not imagine such a loving Father when the only father I knew was alcoholic and abusive.”

Day Five: Melissa Riviere

In Pursuit of a Relationship with Christ

Preview of the Story

“I was taught from a very young age that you either loved Jesus and did what he said and would go to heaven, otherwise you would go to hell; there was no middle ground. I struggled with this from an early age because it made me think I had to be perfect, even though Jesus was the only perfect human.”


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