Nicole in Southern California


Tell us your name, age and your state-in-life!

My name is Nicole D’Netto, I’m 28 years old. I’m a newly minted Doctor! I practiced in India for a year and moved back home to the states to specialize in Pediatrics. I just got a job working part time at a Home Health Agency and I’m studying for the US Medical Licensing Exam.

Are you a cradle Catholic, convert or revert?

Cradle Catholic! I never left the faith but I didn’t treat it like it was important for a very long time.

What’s been the biggest game changer in your Catholic faith?

Daily Mass has altered my life in ways I can’t possibly fathom. My councilor suggested Daily Mass and frequent confession to help me get over a really negative time in my life. Irrespective of my mood, I went to mass. Over the course of a month I poured my heart out to God and he listened. By the second month, I came to realize that He had been pouring His heart out to me the entire time! The thought still makes me take a step back in awe. What an amazing blessing to be able to spend such intimate time with Jesus every day!

Name a saint you identify with and share why.

Most recently I’ve been thinking about St Peter. Every time he says “Lord, I can do it! Pick me!” and then in the same breath falls flat on his face in totally failure, I sit back and say “Yup, that was me yesterday…and will probably be me later today as well.” I have all these aspirations to impress Our Lord, and more often than not it doesn’t work out, but I’ve learned that he loves me regardless of my success. All I have to do is follow him willingly every day, one step at a time, just like St Peter.

When have you felt most valued as a woman in the Church?

I was an adult chaperone and small group leader for the Conformandi Retreat at my home parish. We had a young man there who was not easy to work with and he just happened to end up in my group. He came from a difficult home life and was on various antidepressants.  By the end of the retreat God had seriously worked a miracle in this young man’s life and he decided—in his words—to "give this Jesus guy a try". He thanked me for being like the older sister he’d always wanted and honestly that’s the highest compliment I could ever get! What I learned is that our role as sisters, daughters, and leaders can never be overstated: our God-given feminine genius is capable of opening up hearts to the voice of God. All we have to do is allow Him to work in us. 

What’s your favorite way to pray?

My mom took me to an Ignatian spirituality retreat a couple years ago and I just feel in love with contemplative prayer. My favorite prayer is the rosary, and I like to picture Mother Mary and myself walking and reminiscing about Christ together as I pray. It’s made me appreciate the profound simplicity of the rosary.

Favorite liturgical holiday?

Is saying that I love Easter too cheesy? Hahah I love Easter, and everything about the Paschal season. Christmas is a close second.

What do you do for fun?

I really enjoy hiking! And lucky for us SoCal has so many options! The most recent hike I did was called the Wisdom Tree hike. Its got the most gorgeous view of the LA valley. I also really enjoy binge watching dance videos (and learning different dances)

Three words that describe you — go!

Smart, charismatic and compassionate.

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