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Do You Believe That You Were Created Good?

At a young age, sporting soccer shorts and a mullet, all I cared about was climbing the next tree and wondering when the new issue of LEGO magazine would arrive at my door. I asked for hot wheels for Christmas and role-played as the boy character for all our childhood adventures. I looked around me, saw my friends and sisters and knew I didn’t fit the mold. My (little) heart ached and wondered, “why am I so different?”, “am I good?”

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The Late Diagnosis That Led Me Closer to Christ

“I would like to share with you, a story of hardship that started when I was a young child, and I have lived with my entire life. In fact, it is a struggle I am dealing with today. It is something I have come to embrace and accept. It's also a challenge and responsibility I have been given to help others who may face isolation, exclusion or loneliness. My hope is that it will inspire you not to give up during the toughest times in your life…”

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Seeking Beauty in the Women Around Me

In the third and final letter of our Cultivating Sisterhood letter series, writer Lo shares about how a transformative experience she had in one of the most beautiful places on earth lead her to the mission she's on today: to show women their beauty, worth and dignity in Christ

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