Alessia in the UK

Alessia Cesana is a 29 year-old entrepreneur, post-grad student, blogger and bride-to-be living in London, England.

Alessia Cesana

Where are you located? 

Croydon (the most southern bit of London, UK)

Are you a cradle Catholic, convert or revert?

Revert: studying the English Reformation at university taught me what the Church really taught and forced me to take a second look at some of my believes about her.

What’s been the biggest game changer in your Catholic faith?

Youth2000 and Blessed is She.

Name a saint you identify with and share why.

St Bernardino of Siena. He had such a devotion for Our Lord in the Eucharist and would write letters to his friends complaining about people who would enter a church and go to the statues of saints before showing any reverence to Him on the altar.

When have you felt most valued as a woman in the Church? 

Reading St John Paul II’s Letter to Women as well as the lives of saints like Catherine of Siena who was a political advisor to the Pope! 

What’s your favorite way to pray?

Journaling in Adoration.

Favorite liturgical holiday?


What do you do for fun?

Go out to one of the many interesting places that London has to offer, whether by myself, with my fiancé or my friends. I also love to write for my blog and have a lot of fun recording the podcast I host, Good Conversations (the title says it all!).

Three words that describe you — go! 

Driven, caring and creative.

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