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The Creative Capacity of Motherhood

I want to share a snippet of this journey of overcoming self-doubt and embracing my role as an artist with you. I also want to encourage other women to recognize in themselves their creative capacity, and explore how spiritual and physical motherhood reflect the role of the Creator in the deepest way.

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Being a Mom with Bipolar Disorder

"My name is Chelsea, I am 30 years old, mother to three little girls. As I write this I am watching my oldest play on the porch. It's a warm, spring day. She's singing and playing with sticks in the sunshine. It's a beautiful moment..."

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The Lessons I Learned from My Teenage Pregnancy

"Hi Ladies! 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,' Philippians 4:13. I have been reciting that verse since I was about 4 years old..."

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